Weekly AR Video Roundup

Weekly AR Video Roundup

Google’s 3D-sensing Project Tango phones could help you buy furniture

Google’s ATAP gives us a quick overview of Tango’s capabilities and introduces a few new apps including WayFair and the new game Woorld.

Future tech demo: secure tracking, tracing and augmented reality with HP at RAPID 2016

Tracing product parts through AR and object recognition. Demo from HP.

HoloLens Augmented Reality Experience featuring the Cat® 287C MTL

Demonstration of the CAT catalogue via regular AR tablet and also with Hololens version, nice demonstration but nothing perhaps we have not seen before

Super Mario Augmented Reality

Another superb tutorial from Edgaras Art demonstrating how to create an AR Super Mario game in AR. Love this.

SnapToReality: Aligning Augmented Reality to the Real World

Automatic alignment of virtual objects to physical constraints calculated from the real world in real time (“snapping to reality”)

Augmented City

This one is over 5 years old but I wanted to throw it in here this week for some inspiration

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